Sunday, March 21, 2010

First group ride of 2010: New Forest

New Forest 2010/03/21 route

Went to: Michelmersh, Sherfield English, Nomansland, Lyndhurst, Minstead, Windsor, Wellow
Distance: 58.5 miles
Time on bike: 3:47
Average speed: 15.5 mph

Rich Harran, Andy Perry and I met at Hursley at 10:00 this morning with Mark Halliday and Ian Vanstone turning up 10 minutes late as Ian had picked up a p*ncture (don't say the word). We had plotted a route and transferred it to Ian's Garmin Edge 705 but it seemed to want to route us straight to the final destination rather than follow the route so we were making up the Sherfield English part of our route as we went along.  It turned out fine, although we did have to walk through the mud to avoid a 4 foot deep ford at one point.

Spring is definitely here. It's still cold enough to warrant long sleeves and overshoes but at times there was actual warmth in the air today.

The New Forest was as lovely as always though it's too early to see any newborn foals. The hill out of Nomansland was as challenging as ever with the front wheel feeling like it wanted to come off the ground.

New Forest 2010/03/21 elevation

I hit 42 mph on the hill that goes under the A31 (and later 43.2 mph on the A3090 descent in to Romsey).

We stopped at Lyndhurst for some "lunch". I had 3 full-fat cans of Coke and 2 granola bars. Not awfully healthy but I'm sure the ride burned those calories and more.

Andy's posterior aspect was giving him trouble for the last few miles - this was his first ride over 25 miles this year and it takes a couple of decent length rides to toughen up. Ian recommended trying different saddle shapes to find one that fits properly.

I got home at 2:45 to find that Emma had made her speciality Cup Cakes - very tasty.

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Andy P said...

A fine ride. The pressure points where I make contact with the saddle were causing pain for the last 10 miles, but no lasting effects. Went for a run as soon as I got home (after a 45 minute drive).