Friday, August 13, 2010

Andy's cycle commute

On Wednesday evening I cycled with Andy Perry to his place near Fleet.

We took the southerly route, which is longer and more hilly, and saved a little treat for the end when we tackled the steep hill to Ewshot and sped down the other side at 42mph.

After an evening watching the England-Hungary match with beers, chips, pizza and cornish ice-cream we had an early night and got up at 6:00, had a quick breakfast and set off at 6:29.

For the return leg we took a shorter (37.5 versus 42.5 miles) much flatter route - about half the amount of climbing.  We averaged 16.1mph over 2:18 moving time (2:30 elapsed).

We made it in to work at 8:59 but strangely Andy didn't fancy doing a 10k run at lunchtime.