Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blissford Hill is 25%

I've done several hills with signposts showing 14% and I've found that the perceived gradient varies greatly...

For example, a 14% hill near Owslebury is fine:

Owslebury hill

But the 14% White Hill out of Pitton feels much steeper:

White Hill at Pitton

But the hill between West Dean and Whiteparish is signed as "only" 12% but it's much longer and is probably the hardest climb I've done in Hampshire.  (Do you know of anything harder?)

Dean Hill

25% should be in another league entirely.  Blissford Hill, just north of Frogham in the New Forest, is 1-in-4 although apparently it is quite short.  It will shortly be on the agenda for a cycling trip.

Blissford Hill near Frogham

Blissford Hill near Frogham map


mark said...

Yep, that's the one Ian and I did twice. Second time by mistake. It does make the bike creak and groan worryingly.

Evil Overlord said...

How steep was the short sharp hill we rode near your last year? I'm not convinced I'd have a chance on a 25% with my road chainset and 12-25 on the back...

Russell Finn said...

That steep hill was Whites Hill, one of the other roads up to Owslebury. That one doesn't have a gradient sign though. It's steeper than the 14% one, maybe 16% at the top?

The Dandy Man Can said...

Cool Blog Russell. I'm now living in Bournemouth annd just about to do my first Sportive so I think I'll head out to Blissford Hill tomorrow for a little training!