Sunday, March 14, 2010

First decent length ride of 2010

Today felt like the first day of spring; 12C and sunny intervals.  A good day for a bike ride.  I've already done a couple of rides of 22 miles but that's definitely a "short ride".  Today was a day for a medium length ride.  My ride classification system goes like this:

Short: 2 hours or less
Medium: about half a day
Long: most of the day

Anyway, today's ride:

Cycling route to Fort Nelson

Went to: Botley, Fort Nelson, Swanmore, Upham
Distance: 42 miles
Time on bike: 2:46
Average speed: 15.1mph

The route was pretty flat for the first 16 miles followed by the easiest route to climb up to Fort Nelson.  On the way back there are hills at Bishops Waltham, Upham and Owslebury.  Lots of countryside and hardly any traffic.

Elevation profile for cycling route to Fort Nelson

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