Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Carbon Fibre Bottle Cage

For Christmas I ordered a Planet X carbon fibre bottle cage. I initially found it on ChainReactionCycles for £20, and it says it weighs 24g - confirmed by their photo.

I then googled for it to find alternate vendors and Planet X themselves were doing it cheaper, plus their photo says it is a 22g version.

I ordered from Planet X. The actual price charged was less than the price listed on their web page.

And when it turned up there were 2 of them in the box. I've looked again and I don't see anywhere that says that they come as a pair, although I do have 2 mounting points on my bike. But there was no mounting kit (2 screws basically). So I've used the screws from the old one and kept the other cage as a spare for now.

I weighed the cages on an electric balance and the old one weighs 64g, the new 22g. Which will send me soaring up the hills with far less effort, ahem.

There's a review on which gives it 10/10 for value, 9/10 overall. Sounds about right to me.

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