Monday, November 17, 2008

Help the Aged

I received a letter from Help the Aged today telling me that the goods we've donated have so far made £42.90 for the charity. That's pretty good - as I recall it was old clothes and toys that we really had no use for.

As I read it (it isn't 100% clear), they're now giving me the option to claim back the £42.90 (less a 5% administration) fee, or I can let them keep the money in which case I have freely donated it to them so they can claim another 28% tax from the government and I can add it to my tax return and save 18%.

It's a shame we gave them 5 bags of stuff at 4:50 this Saturday when they weren't willing to let us in the shop so they didn't ask for my Help the Aged card and neither of us will get the tax benefits.

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