Saturday, January 31, 2009

SportTracks running data

I had to stop running from April-December in 2008 due to inflamed toe joints so the more interesting SportTracks data is for 2007. How's my pace now? OK: a recent run was 3.52m, 7:38min/mile pace, 26:55min, 169bpm average heart rate.

In 2007 my mileage looks pretty consistent - a mixture of running with friends from work at lunchtime but mostly running from home.

August looks like I took a break but I cycled 179 miles that month so maybe that's why I don't have much running mileage.

Below are my runs sorted by pace but the hard ones were those with a high average heart rate: 177bpm for 32:07 at 7:44min/mile pace for 4.15m (Hurlsey - Port Lane sign and back).

But one month later I ran further, faster, with a lower HR - 164bpm for 36:31 at 7:43min/mile for 4.73m. I must have gotten a bit fitter in that month (and the route was a little flatter).

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