Sunday, June 19, 2011

Running: actual versus target

This is a chart showing how my actual mileage for the year has been progressing against a target of 2 miles per day. I started off aiming for 1000k for the year (1.7 miles per day), but I'm comfortable beating that so I've upgraded my goal.

I've been using dailymile to track my running and cycling.  To generate the chart I wrote a perl script to extract my data for this year, find the Running entries, and output a table of dates with cumulative mileages.

I'm currently manually copying the output in to a google docs spreadsheet. It'd be nice to automate the update of the spreadsheet too but I'll leave that for another day...


Andy P said...

A familiar look script. Almost identical to the one I wrote/copied and modified.

Russell Finn said...

@AndyP I was thinking as I wrote/copied the script that'd have been nice if you'd sent me a copy/ shared it on
github :-) Still, best to do these things yourself I guess.