Friday, June 10, 2011

Cycling to Work 2011

Cycling to Work 2011 Chart

I've converted my local spreadsheet to Google Docs. The advantages are that I can:
  • "live" publish the latest version, by which I mean that when I update the data the image above is automatically updated
  • update it from any computer with web access, without installing any software
  • share the spreadsheet for others to copy or suggest improvements
  • do this for free

How am I doing so far?  Of 101 trips to the office, I cycled 83 of them - 82.2%

Of the 17 drives to work:
  • 1 was to try out (alright, show off) my new car
  • 4 were giving a lift to Jenny and her Italian exchange student friend
  • 1 was to take Jenny and her Italian exchange luggage to school
  • 1 was to take a tent and kit to work for Mark Halliday's stag weekend
  • 1 was to get in time to present at some education I helped create
  • 7 were due to inclement weather. On most of these I also gave Isobel a lift to school which is on the way to work.
Projecting out my current rate I'm looking at about 183 for the year.  Last year I totalled 130ish but I didn't start until the clocks changed.

I'm hoping that I can achieve more vacation than drives to work.  Bring it on!

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