Thursday, December 02, 2010

Running fitness, as measured by heart rate

Having had a couple of months with no running (but lots of cycle commuting) due to injury, I've started to get back running.

On Monday I went for a 5.6 mile run with Andy Perry and it felt like hard work.  My average heart rate was 169 bpm.

I looked back through my previous runs which I store in SportTracks to see how that compares.

1) Similar heart rate

21 July, 5.1 miles @ 7:16 min/mile with heart rate 172 bpm
11 Aug 2010, 6.36 miles @ 7:31min/mile with heart rate 168 bpm

2) Similar pace

5 Aug 2010: 5.1 miles @ 7:54 min/mile with heart rate 160 bpm
17 Aug 2009, 6.26 miles @ 7:59 min/mile with heart rate 148 bpm

These results show they I'm less running-fit now than in the summer, and much less than I was last year.

Compared to 17 Aug 2009, I'm having to work at 21 bpm more to go a touch slower over a shorter distance.  Grrr!

It's not all bad though:

* I did a fairly good parkrun this year though - I came 20th out of 159, and I'm still top of the Hursley Park Runners team.

* Until August when I got injured I had been (very slightly) over-achieving my yearly goal of averaging over 2 miles/day

* Andy and I did the Farley Mount loop in August: 10.35 hilly miles at 8:24 min/mile pace and it was very comfortable

* I enjoyed putting together a view of all the routes I've covered running from Hursley (and we've since run a couple more roads too)

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