Friday, March 20, 2009

Accidental 7 mile run

This sunny afternoon I went for a run, intending to do a loop around Ampfield woods and back.  But somehow I missed the bridlepath to re-enter the woods and ended up going back over the hill past Merdon Castle.

On the plus side, the GPS trace looks much more impressive.

6.96 miles in 58:30 at average pace 8:25 miles/min.   This includes the time hopping through muddy sections so it should be a shade faster when the ground is dry.


Andy P said...

Impressive. Weather permitting I'll join you for a loop. Good pace too.

Anna Finn said...

That looks lovely - I'm rather jealous of your choice of local running routes.

I do like living in London, but last weekend I did 20 miles each day mostly on roads: I'm sure they would have been far more enjoyable on loops like the one in your picture...